August 14, 2010

SEO Considerations for an e-commerce website

Search engine optimisation is critical for all types of websites but especially ecommerce platforms. Things can get tricky for e-commerce websites largely due to the sheer […]
August 13, 2010

Search Engine Optimisation: DIY or Hire a Pro?

Internet Marketing, or Digital Marketing as it is now known, has a certain do-it-yourself pioneering nature at it’s core.  It is very tempting therefore to think […]
August 11, 2010

So what is all this about Web 3.0 then?

Even as people are still getting to grips with  Web 2.0 (Social Media) and why it is so important for internet marketing,  we need to consider […]
August 10, 2010

Should I choose Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Paid Search (PPC)?

As Internet Marketing Consultants and owners of a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) company  we  are often asked by clients and prospects whether there’s a basic philosophy […]