An Online Strategy For Business Success

An Online Strategy Plan is a fully integrated comprehensive plan that can either be executed internally by the client or outsourced to ourselves or others to bring targeted traffic from search engines, social media networks and other websites consistently over a long term.

We need to fully understand your business and once we have this insight we can show you the most effective methods to create an online business strategy.

We use the following tools to help you create an effective online strategy for your business:

Online Competitor Analysis

A key component of our online marketing plan is your online competitor analysis.  We also use proprietorial software which enables us to quickly and easily identify how your website competes against those of your main competitors.

We will use the comprehensive online competitor analysis to highlight your major online competitors and include full details of all their organic and paid search marketing initiatives within our analysis to give you an instant competitive advantage – you will know exactly what your competitors are doing by way of internet marketing and more importantly what you need to do to outperform them!.

Search Engine Optimisation

We will help you to formulate and implement a long term organic search engine optimisation strategy that will get and keep your site at the top of the major search engines by indexing and targeting the most relevant keywords both for your business and also those used by your competitors.

Paid Search Marketing

We will help you to develop keyword specific landing pages for targeted pay per click (PPC) campaigns which will be designed to convert paid search traffic into customers for your business.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is at the core of any “inbound marketing” strategy – a strategy where potential customers come to you rather than you going to them.

We will help you to put in place a robust content marketing strategy that positions you as “an authority” in your subject, services or product offerings.   We will help you to forge relationships with influencers in your market place by creating content that they will want to contribute to and be associated with.   This will enhance your company image and online reputation as well as increase organic traffic to your website, improve search engine rankings and generate sales.

Conversion Architecture

We will use persuasion architecture (also known as conversion architecture) in the design of any website pages to improve visitor conversion.

Performance Measurement

• Creation of a customised Google Analytics dashboard for your business to measure and refine all online advertising campaigns and help monitor the performance of all your marketing initiatives
• Provide ongoing account management and make appropriate strategic recommendations to ensure continual improvement in your websites ability to generate sales and market your products and services.
• Email Marketing – an effective email marketing strategy that retains existing clients and prospects. We will use email marketing to help you stay in touch with recent and established clients. Email marketing can also increase the value proposition of your business to your clients by providing personalised relevant information about your products and services, etc.
• A link building strategy to help drive targeted traffic to your website to help promote your business

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