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The quality and relevancy of the content on your web pages and your blog is the biggest single influencer of the authority of your website and where your site will rank in the search engine results.  It is vital that good quality, relevant content is added to the website on a regular and frequent basis.

By optimising good quality fresh content in this way you will achieve organic (free) targeted traffic to your website via the search engines.

What is Optimised Content Marketing?

Optimised Content Marketing allows you to communicate with your customers & prospects, demonstrate your knowledge, expertise & build your online credibility and build your authority with the search engines.

Content Marketing is “non-interruption marketing”. This means that rather than bombarding your prospects with sales blurb or unwanted emails/phone calls you feed them a continual diet of good quality credible information which both educates them about your products and services, adds value to them  and also builds your online credibility.

The goal behind your content marketing strategy is for you to deliver consistent valuable information to buyers and potential buyers and in return they will ultimately reward you with their business and their loyalty.

Getting the content right is of paramount importance. At Griffin & Black Associates Limited we have a proven three step process for the creation of quality content:

Step 1 – Analyse your business objectives and define your target market (your buyers persona) in order to identify the best content for your site

• Your website should be evaluated for structure, content quality, inbound links and searches
• We will work with you to help you identify your goals and objectives for your website and also help you to identify your target market and the persona of your buyers
• Using website analytics we will analyse your current website traffic and trends

Step 2 – Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis and Content Implementation

• A comprehensive keyword analysis, research on your target markets and what your main online competitors are doing using industry sources and the internet
• Building good quality inbound links through newsletters, social media e.g. blogs, forums and relevant industry websites
• We can source and optimise good quality content that will build your online authority
• Blogs and social media will keep visitors returning to your website / social media pages and build and retain your brand reputation
• Good quality keyword rich press releases with back links can be written and distributed to the relevant online PR agencies and websites
• Videos can be made and posted with inbound links as well as Podcasts for audio marketing

Step 3 – Managing your content and measuring the results

• Search engine ranking reports and website analytics analysis services are provided
• Monthly reporting will show you how your websites search trend is moving/improving

We will make recommendations on how we can continually work with you to further increase your websites authority and further improve the site content

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