Yesterday we published a post about which social media activities a business could outsource.  Today we publish the second and final part of the post.

1.       Video Marketing

Video is becoming an increasingly powerful marketing tool for businesses.  Spcialist contractors such as WSI IMS can help with:

  • Ideas creation
  • Scripting
  • Market Research
  • Video Creation
  • Online submissions (YouTube etc.)
  • Video Optimisation

2.       Content Marketing

Most businesses have a wealth of marketing materials and some good quality information is included which never sees the light of day.  There is often far too much information to give to customers or prospects at any one time so the information lays dormant and unused.

Very often this information could be used as the ‘base source’ of good quality content for blog posts or newsletters or promotional emails.  The content would need to be freshened up with links to your website created, post tags added etc. but there is usually a largely untapped source of good quality content right there under your nose!

If the information was made into a series of articles and submitted online to one or more of the many online article agencies such as docstoc, scribd or yellowdocuments the content would be quickly found by the search engines who would find good quality information about your business on a social media site that links to your website.

Outsourcing services could include: 

  • Content Creation
  • Content Optimisation
  • Content Publication / submission

3.       Online Press Releases

Online press releases are one of the most effective forms of social media and PR marketing that can help build and enhance your online credibility.  If it is done well online PR can be picked up by local, national and international newspapers and news agencies. 

This has huge effect on your company credibility as well as helping you dominate the search engines for your primary keywords and keyword phrases.

Digital Marketing professionals such as WSI IMS can help you with:

  • Market Research
  • Content Creation
  • Press Release submission
  • Press Release Promotion via Social Media
  • Copywriting / editing

If you would like more information about our Content Marketing / Online Press Release Services please leave a comment below or visit WSI IMS – WSI Digital Marketing Services in the UK.

Chris Griffin
Chris Griffin
Chris has been a Digital Marketing Consultant since 2005. Since 2007 he has specialised in Search Engine Marketing, both Paid Search and Organic SEO. He has an excellent record of helping businesses of all sizes, both in the UK and overseas, to achieve their online marketing goals.


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