Some businesses in Surrey, Sussex & the South East have still not ‘bought in’ to social media.  Perhaps they do not yet understand it but morelikely they do not have the internal resources available to do it properly.  If this is the case there are people out there who can help, such as WSI IMS

Below we suggest a few of the areas where you could use Digital Marketing professionals to help you get a foot on the ‘social’ ladder:

1.       Blogging:

Blogs come in all shapes and sizes from sophisticated corporate blogs with a clear message to personal blogs which are little more than an online diary.  Many businesses find it difficult to allocate internal resources to ensure that new blog posts are made frequently and consistently.  The blog needs to give a message that is both acceptable to senior management, whilst at the same time being optimised for the search engines and aimed at driving targeted traffic to the company website.

This is where outsourcing to someone like WSI IMS can play a key role in your blogging strategy.

Using blogging professional s such as WSI IMS is a great way to build unique content, engage with your customers and prospects, build and enhance your online reputation and be seen to be part of the ‘Social Media’ scene.

Areas  where you can receive help with your blogging include: 

  • Blog Post topics
  • Market Research
  • Content Research
  • Blog Optimisation
  • Post Tags
  • Back Links

2.       Twitter Management

Keeping your Twitter feed updated might seem a ‘waste of time’ to many business owners whilst others will see the value of being able to issue short bursts of up to date information, which will be indexed almost immediately by the search engines.

Many businesses remain unconvinced about having a Twitter profile however with over one million people joining each week and billions of ‘tweets’ taking place online any marketer will ignore it at their peril.

It would not be practical for you to have someone doing every tweet seen by your audience for you however there are some situations where outsourcing might be appropriate:

  • Development of a customised Twitter page to reflect your brand.
  • ‘Friend Management’
  • Improved Audience Engagement
  • Market Research
  • Pre-Scheduling specific tweets (e.g. promoting product launches or other events)
  1. 3.       Facebook Management

There is much more to Facebook than just making friends and tagging friends in photographs!  Building branded product pages or creating groups around specific products are great ways to build your profile through fans and friends.

Things you might consider outsourcing include:

  • Friend & Fan Management
  • Customised Facebook page creation
  • Photo optimisation and upload
  • Video production
  • Video optimisation
  • Event promotion and product launches

Tomorrow we will publish a further post about outsourcing Social Media for business.  Please leave a comment below of visit WSI IMS – WSI Digital Marketing Services

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