Have you ever wondered why some blogs attract many readers and some attract very few? Think about the blogs that you regularly visit, like this one – hopefully the blog posts you read have interesting and thought provoking content, they are written by someone with a knowledge and understanding of the topic and the subject is something that you are interested in.

But there are a million blogs on almost every subject you could imagine, so just what is it that makes you keep returning to the same blogs time and time again?

People who have an established online brand and reputation attract a good following of readers and write popular blogs. Website users revisit blogs because they feel they know and trust the author or their brand. Your readers have most likely never seen your financial reports or met you, but these individuals feel that they know you and they can connect with you because they like reading what you have to say.

If this is what you want to achieve with your blog and something that you have been working hard at (by posting new blogs on a frequent and regular basis) –  but you haven’t quite got there yet, it just might be that your blog post content is not good enough.

Reasons for poor blog content:

  • Too Officious. If you are writing in a formal tone, readers might think you are taking yourself a bit too seriously. Try and keep the tone light and chatty when you are writing for a blog.
  • Don’t tell Lies! Copywriters like to have a ‘killer headline’ that attracts people to their article, but within the first few words you can see that the article is actually about something else, other than the headline. You must be honest with your readers all the time.  The object of a blog is not to attract thousands of clicks to your post, you want people to read and find value in the entire post so that they will return again.  Never use a blog post title that could mislead and annoy your readers.
  • No feedback on your posts. Do you need people to post comments? Ask them! If you want feedback on your article try asking open-ended questions to find out if your readers have any tips to add that you didn’t think of.  Seek their suggestions or ask them to post their own views and experiences.
  • Post is too long. There is no hard and fast rule that says you cannot write a long article, but if you are writing it for your blog, try to insert sub-headings every few paragraphs. Better still break down a long article in to two or more posts.  This will makes it easier for people to scan read a page i.e. just read the bits they are interested in and ignore the rest.
  • Your article is isolated. Once you have written a great article, and posted it to your blog if nobody else is linking to it, you need to do something about the situation. Follow other bloggers on Twitter and other social media networks and you will see that they often link to each other’s posts.

Start making friends with other bloggers and link to their posts and you will soon see a huge difference in the popularity of your own blog.

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