So why is Social Media grabbing so much attention?

Social Media has provided us with a brand new culture. Social network websites, blogs, social bookmarking sites and wikis have created the social value of collaboration and participation, engagement and relationships. Social networking provides the human face of information technology.  It facilities interaction and a two way social exchange.

The challenge of social media is dealing with the consequences of online communication travelling at the speed of light – if not faster. If you make a mistake or error of judgement and say something wrong or post the wrong photo, it could be online for all to view forever!

Many people have even lost their job because of something they said online either about their company or their boss. If you are unhappy about how your employer is treating you, and you air your feelings online, your complaint can easily be found by other consumers – with just one click of a button.  Your view can seriously damage the reputation of your employers business or brand. 

To succeed on the internet every business needs to engage with their customers and prospects, become more customer focused and resolve issues immediately they come to light otherwise they run the risk of having a bad reputation.

Business advertising trends

Done well, online content marketing and active participation in the social networking sites is a powerful marketing tool.  Many businesses have seen the potential the internet has to offer and have been reasonably quick to switch some of their marketing budget away from traditional media such as TV, newspapers and printed magazines to the new online media. Newspapers themselves have had to quickly create online versions as the internet has taken over people’s lives.

The normal human reaction to such a pace of change is to fear what it will mean for them. The best reaction is to embrace it and make it part of your life. This is the information technology age that we live in.  React quickly and you can seize a huge advantage over your competitors.  To retain this advantage you need to make sure that your marketing advisors keep themselves up to date with the rapidly changing developments of today’s world.

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