The difference between online and off line marketing:

When you engage with Internet Marketing, you are creating a business relationship that will hopefully generate leads for your various products and services. Your objective is exactly the same as with your offline business – you have a potential market out there and you need to capture their attention so they can do business with you!

Why start marketing online?  For most businesses, it is the same reason – people start an online business because they want to make a lot of money. The internet is full of genuine accounts about real people who began with nothing and made their fortune online.

So much for those lucky few, but what about Big established businesses?  The largest companies in the world are also online trying to do the same thing as all the smaller business owners – get in front of their target market.

You will certainly be able to reach your online goals, but only if you’re willing to put in the work and have some patience.  There are no instant riches online, so if anyone tries to tell you different, our advice would be to turn around and walk away. You have to look at the reality of how things happen in the digital marketing world.

You need to be willing to commit yourself to your goals and work hard in order to make your goal a reality. On the internet, you have the freedom to market and advertise your business in any way you choose.  How you market your products/services is entirely your choice.  There are a few ‘guidelines’ we would recommend to you however:

Know the basics well if you want to succeed online.

Whilst many online business owners believe that their website looks ‘the business’ and is without fault there is a high likelihood that it is not the case and the website might not be as user friendly, interactive or effective as it should be. Most likely the website content is historic and the website may have had very few updates since it was launched.  Use website analytics to see which pages are and are not working and be willing to change those pages that are ineffective – NOW!

Make your webpage content interesting and good enough to get your message across and also make sure your pages use conversion architecture to ensure that visitors to your web pages take the action you want them to take, naturally.

Once you are happy that your website is up to the job, then move on to other tasks.

Understand the Competition

Knowing what your main online competitors are doing can also be a big advantage to you.  Emulate what they are doing well and avoid what they are doing badly.  The WSIIIMS Online Competitor Analysis will give you all you need to know about your competitor’s online effectiveness and includes a detailed online strategy recommendation for your business.

Do you have a blog?

If not, why not?   A simple recommendation here….get one! Amongst other things, your blog will give you a much greater chance of reaching your market and generating targeted traffic for your website.  Having a blog associated with the main website is a must-do for any business, really.  Not sure what to do, which platform to use?  WSIIMS can help.  We can create a customised blog for your business and even write some optimised blog posts for you.

High quality and useful blog posts will definitely help you reel in search engine traffic. Once your blog has become established you can begin to use it to actively market your products and services.

Email marketing campaigns

You can really increase your income with a good email list, but you need to plan your email marketing campaign strategy carefully.   If you take the time to build the right relationships with your email list customers and prospects rather than try and sell to them from day one,  you will build their trust and they will start buying from you.

You have probably heard the expression “that the real money lies in the marketing list”.   Whilst this is true to a degree, a marketing list of responsive buyers is always the natural result of “knowledgeable marketing” – knowing your customers buying preferences and approaching them at the right time in their buying cycle.


You need to accept and understand that it will take time to plan and implement an effective online marketing strategy. If you do it properly, or use digital marketing professionals like wsiims to work with you, and it’s a success for you, then the time and effort you put in to getting everything right will be well worth it.

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