The days when business marketing was just about magazine and other traditional advertising channels have long gone.  In today’s competitive market place your business success is likely to be heavily reliant upon online marketing or ‘Digital Marketing’ as we now call it.  Digital Marketing can be done far more efficiently than traditional marketing and it is easier to incorporate new ideas to your strategy much more cost effectively.  

The term Digital Marketing encompasses several online marketing strategies, starting with a detailed and comprehensive Online Competitor Analysis to help you better understand what exactly you need to do to outperform your online competitors.  Once you know what must be done the next step is to put together a detailed online strategy plan which could include some or all of:

Your objective is to improve your search engine rankings

By using  a professional on-line marketing company that offers a coordinated and comprehensive range of digital marketing services you are more likely to achieve your objective quicker than by relying on in-house resources who are not digital marketing professionals.

Remember – Content is King… but

To make this statement even more relevant, I would change the phrase to – “good quality, keyword rich, content is king”. This is a maxim that we at WSIIMS hold dear, however, there is little point in your creating great quality content if nobody can find it and read it. To run your online business successfully you simply must be seen.

A linking strategy is essential

Relevant ‘in-bound’ links are the life blood of any successful website and although you might not actually see them yourself the search engines certainly will and they will also reward for them because they view links to your website as third party endorsements.  Your link building can be helped with a strategy of regular blogging, using social media and on-line press releases allied to a planned communication strategy.  All this takes time of course but you can use Digital Marketing professionals such as WSIIMS to help you with all these aspects.

Before You Do Anything, You Must Do Keyword Research

This is extremely important. It is essential that you take the time to identify the most effective keywords and keyword phrases for your business.  Don’t use guess work and in our experience the ‘obvious’ keywords are rarely the best one’s.

Again there are considerable advantages in working with Digital Marketing professionals like WSIIMS  who have access to the best tools to provide you with information on specific keywords relevant to your business and the number of clicks that each of these keywords actually attract.  We can even let you know what keywords and keyword phrases your competitors are using AND which words are being clicked on.

How do you stay ahead of the competition?

On the internet today there are millions of website pages online and many of them will share category listings and keywords with your website.   If you do not have an online strategy it becomes very difficult to stay ahead in the race… Digital Marketing is the only solution that can help you ensure your business emerges as the winner.

For effective  online marketing, you must know exactly who your target market or target ‘persona’ is to enable you to communicate with ‘relevance’ using the appropriate conversion architecture within your website to achieve those sought after conversions.

If you would like to know more, please leave a comment below or visit WSIIMS – WSI Digital marketing in Surrey, Sussex & South East England

Chris Griffin
Chris Griffin
Chris has been a Digital Marketing Consultant since 2005. Since 2007 he has specialised in Search Engine Marketing, both Paid Search and Organic SEO. He has an excellent record of helping businesses of all sizes, both in the UK and overseas, to achieve their online marketing goals.

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