We recently read a very interesting article looking at the way the ‘demographic’ of social media is changing.  The pace of change is also quickening:

Firstly let’s look back as far as March 2009, nearly 2 years ago when socialmediatoday.com gave us the following statistics:

  • Median age of a Twitter user is 31
  • Median age of a Myspace user is 27
  • Median age of a Facebook user is 26
  • Median age of a LinkedIn user is 40

Just less than one year later in February 2010, royal.pingdom.com  updated us with the following data:

  • Average Twitter user: 39 years old
  • Average MySpace user: 31 years old
  • Average Facebook user: 38 years old
  • LinkedIn average user: 44 years old

That in itself was quite a hike, particularly the average age of users of Facebook.    The statistic was confirmed late last year (September 2010) by thenextweb.com

  • Average age of someone who tweets – 39 years
  • Average age on Facebook – 38 years
  • Average age on LinkedIn – 44 years

Whilst it is highly unlikely that all this information has been collected on a ‘comparing apples with apples‘ basis the results are consistent enough  to give a clear indication that the age profile of Social Media users is very much on the increase.  In other words it is likely that more and more decision makers are using Social Media – the very people you may want to target?

Do you still think social media is a fad?  Social Media is growing up fast and all UK business owners should give it serious consideration.

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