Strategies involving SEO for UK business should always include one very crucial search engine optimisation pillar– link building.

Link building remains one of the most important aspects of SEO. If done properly, link building has the potential to send huge amounts of traffic to a site and increase any site’s popularity and authority.

There are actually three key and proven link building strategies that you should incorporate into your marketing campaigns. Even experienced internet marketers swear by these three link building strategies.

1. Creating value by guest posting

Every campaign on SEO for UK business would become more successful with a carefully laid out plan for guest blog posting. For years, bloggers have been utilising this fantastic strategy as it not only raises their profile as a subject matter expert; it also allows for high quality links to point to their webpage.

Guest posting also shows other blogger’s audiences what you are capable of and what value you can offer them.

Get in touch with other bloggers within your niche and create a good working relationship with them. Ideally, you want to guest post for a blogger who has an established reputation and who has a blog that has a high pagerank on Google.

But keep in mind that the goal is to provide value for the blog reader. Offer to write stuff for other bloggers not for the sake of creating quality backlinks to your site, but to offer the other blogger’s audience a bit of advice that you think they’ll really benefit from.

Follow SEO best practices when linking by using anchor texts to link to your site, and be sure that the anchor text is very relevant to the content that you are linking to.

2. Submitting content to article directories

Article directories used to have a good amount of Google juice, but after the launch of Google’s Panda update, article directories’ value seems to have slid down a bit. However, they still offer some good SEO value and a lot of benefits in terms of traffic. You want to post content on a regular basis on these article directories, especially on EzineArticles, one of the top article directories out there. EzineArticles is still visited by millions of visitors for unique and high quality content for any information that they need.

To get the most out of posting on EzineArticles, be sure to post completely unique keyword-optimised content that provides real value to readers. And to make it easier for readers to find your content, post your articles to the relevant category.

3. Linking from social media sites 

One of the surest and fastest ways to grab attention to your content is by linking back to it from social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and StumbleUpon. You might also want to check out Pinterest, today’s rising star of social media.

Google and other search engines index content, comments and posts posted on social media sites very quickly, thus providing content with good SEO value. But the real value to posting content on social media sites is the amount of traffic that it potentially generates. And that is achieved with cleverly created description and attention-grabbing headlines.

When incorporating these strategies for SEO for UK business, keep in mind that value comes first. Traffic will come next, naturally.


  1. Very interesting post. Link building will boost your web traffic and the heavy lifting will really only consist of pushing buttons.

  2. Great tips! Really important – and as the article name specified it is really Essential for link building , and link building is a big factor for any SEO strategy. Thanks for sharing.

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