At a recent conference we attended we were  given an update and overview of the high level changes and initiatives introduced by Google over the past 18 months or so.  We thought that, as you are interested in SEO, you might find it interesting:

In that fairly short period we have seen:

  • Panda Updates
  • Google’s confirmation that back-links allied to good quality content are still important
  • Confirmation that Citations (mentions of your business) on the internet are important
  • Poor Quality back-links (link farms) have been ‘busted’ i.e. taken out of the mix altogether
  • Only back-links created through the distribution of optimised relevant content are now included in the search algorithm and this is likely to stay that way
  • Social Signals now account for 8 -10% of Google Search algorithm
  • Google Plus Launched just about 1 year ago
  • Freshness Update 260 days ago – priority given to recent content over dated content
  • Google announced it was going to ‘crawl’ Facebook comments 160 days ago – i.e Facebook content now indexed
  • ‘Search plus your world’ update 70 days ago – Full indexing by Google of Facebook and Twitter content (profiles and posts).
  • Content published on Google Plus seems to be the quickest to be indexed and is likely to remain in the results the longest
  • 7 days ago – Google announced it would punish ‘over –optimisation’ i.e. keyword stuffing on web pages and poor quality links not matched with good quality content

One thing seems sure, you will never be penalised by Google for producing good quality relevant content.

SEO is likely to become the outcome rather than the strategy.  For the foreseeable future organic search engine ranking will be determined by content relevance.

We can help you succeed with your SEO and online marketing goals.  GB Web Marketing is committed to providing all our clients with the very best advice and customer service.  We hope you have found the above useful and if you would like to know more please leave a comment below or call us on 01293 822755.

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