The latest Smartphones (both Android and iPhone) and similar new devices such the iPad are transforming the way people now access the internet on the move.  These devices are used frequently for both recreational and professional use as well as for practical solutions such as GPS (satellite) navigation, location based social networking (e.g. FourSquare), Google Maps, weather, news, plus many more.  The time people now spend connected to the internet is also constantly increasing.

Wi-Fi / Mi-Fi connectivity, 3g and other evolving technologies will ensure even greater internet access speed on the go, making it even easier to use.  Access to unlimited  information via the internet whilst we are out and about will have a greater influence over of our life in the not too distant future – such as booking a taxi,  booking a restaurant, making theatre reservations, shopping, socialising, travelling and even dating.

It is a ‘no-brainer’ that as mobile internet use increases and mobile internet traffic grows, businesses will need to add this new medium to their list of digital marketing channels if they want to enjoy  the benefits and maximise this new opportunity.  

But what should business owners and marketers do exactly?

  1. Prepare a strategy
  2. Build a mobile friendly version of their website
  3. Launch a mobile application
  4. Explore mobile advertising channels
  5. Speak to an agency or consultant such as WSI IMS for more options

Building a mobile version of your company website has to be the priority task as mobile devices generally  have much smaller screens and as such much less information  can be viewed than with a conventional website.

Offering a mobile application will not only enhance your online presence but will also introduce a new way for your customers and prospects to find and buy your product or service.

If you would like more information about the huge potential Mobile Marketing offers your business please leave a comment below or visit WSI IMS – WSI Digital Marketing Services in Surrey, Sussex, Kent and throughout the South East.

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