In our previous post we covered the questions you need to consider to determine whether your business is ready for SEO.  This post looks at the final two issues and the questions you should ask:

3.    Keyword Management:

a)      Does your keyword strategy ensure that relevant keywords based on traffic volume and value are incorporated into the text on your website pages on a regular and frequent basis?

b)      Have you conducted keyword analysis to determine if your targeted keywords are popular phrases that are regularly being used in the search engine queries?

c)       Do you re-evaluate your keyword research and analysis on a quarterly basis to determine if you are making progress?

d)      Do all your website pages have unique meta page titles and descriptions?

e)      Do you genuinely understand what you need to do in order to attract more traffic to your website?

f)       Do all your website pages include your targeted keywords for that page (and only that page) and do your pages have strong clear ‘calls to action’?

g)      Do your web pages have clean user friendly URL’s (page file names) that contain your primary keyword for the page?  The best keywords are: short, easy to spell, descriptive and memorable.

4.    Results Reporting & Metrics:

a)       Are you familiar with basic keyword metrics and do you have documented KPI’s?

b)      Are your online marketing results measured monthly and reported at least quarterly?

c)       Is your reporting process automated?

d)      Do you know, as a percentage, how much of your web traffic is generated by organic vs. paid search?

e)      Do you constantly monitor what your key competitors are doing re their SEO?  If you do are you taking appropriate action to negate any advantage they may have over you?

f)       Are you tracking the keywords and web pages that drive the most traffic to your website and are you continually enhancing them to improve the conversion of traffic to sales?

Now you have seen the questions you need to be asking yourself perhaps you would like a copy of our “SEO Readiness Assessment” Questionnaire?  If you do please leave a comment below, email or visit GB Web Marketing – Internet Marketing Services for UK Business.

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