Google has done it again. Just when we were all getting comfortable with local search, they flipped everything on its head with the introduction of Google Places Search.

  • Pay-per-click has changed
  • Organic search has changed
  • Online reviews now more prominent

“We’re introducing Place Search, a new kind of local search result that organizes the world’s information around places. We’ve clustered search results around specific locations so you can more easily make comparisons and decide where to go”. – Google Blog, October 28

Seven Changes to Google Search

1.  Elimination of the 7-Pack Google Map listing
2. Ranking algorithm for local listings have been updated
3. Google Places pages have greater visibility in new search result layout
4. Local results surrounded by more information like including 3rd party review sites
5. Information is grouped conveniently to make it easier to digest and compare
6. New link for “Places” in the left-hand panel of the search results page so you can switch to these results whenever you want
7. Google map now on the right side above the paid search listings, which scrolls as you scroll down the page

Google is Building Web Intelligence

A Google Place Search result will begin appearing automatically on Google when they predict you’re looking for local information. Their goal is make it faster and easier for searchers to find the local information they are looking for that will ultimately help them decide where they want to go.

What this Means to You

If you are marketing your goods and services online using localised keywords e.g. “Internet Marketing Surrey”, the new Google Places Search will definitely impact how your website appears in the organic listings. It is important for you to understand fully how these changes can impact on your search engine position and be aware of exactly what you need to do now to ensure that your local search listing on Google Places is optimised effectively so your website appears high in these new listings.  WSI IMS can help you with this, please call us today on +44 (0) 7785 308295 and ask to speak with one of our Digital Marketing Consultants or visit WSI IMS – WSI Digital Marketing Services for Business in Surrey, Sussex, Kent & throughout the South East of England.

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