Google+ is Google’s new attempt at having a ranking system combined with what will become a social networking site that businesses and individuals can interact with in a similar way that Facebook allows with their “thumbs up” button.

If you are a South East business, where competition is rife, then using Google+ and SEO in general can make the difference between huge success and huge struggles.  The problem is that many people are underestimating Google+ and just how important it could become very quickly.

Although Google keeps everything very secret to try and stop people using SEO to manipulate their results, it is highly expected the Google+ will become at least one of the factors that they consider when choosing to rank your business.   Not only this, but Google+ is going to become more and more of a factor that influences searchers and users as to whether they click on a website or not when looking at their search results.

Google+ effectively allows people to “vote” for a site of interest.  Therefore, it stands to reason that the more votes a site has, the more likely someone is to click on it as the number of votes will be shown next to the search results.

So, for example, if you are a South East Business selling fireworks in Kent among dozens of other competitors, then a quick search by a browser could easily have their eye led directly to your website if you happen to have “+2400” compared to the other sites that have no or very few results.  Therefore Google+ votes are anticipated to not only help and be taken into account within the actual Google ranking algorithm, but will actually be a visual cue for browsers as to who they instantly trust or see as worth as a click.

This means that when considering your SEO strategy next, you need to also consider Google+ optimisation and start to implement it into your overall internet marketing strategy.  Remember, what seems like a small insignificant addition today, could be what Google revolves around tomorrow so take action now and be ahead of the game!

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