What’s one of the quickest ways for you to dominate search? You need your business to be properly optimised for local search. Organic SEO services in Kent provide businesses with a wide range of SEO strategies that have dramatically improved their performance in the search engine optimisation game. But the single most effective strategy that most businesses are yet to master is local search optimisation.

Local search – The key to dominating your city or region

These days, the search engines, especially Google, have rolled out new technologies that allow consumers to find precisely what they need. Whether people are searching for restaurants, car dealers or a nearby hospital, it has become increasingly easier to find exactly the place and information that consumers need.

As Internet users have grown to become more sophisticated in the way they find information online, the search engines have responded by offering more tools and better technologies. These days, the battle for search engine domination is taking aim at a new aspect that some businesses are already taking advantage of; local search.

Optimising a business for local search is key to owning consumers who are confined within a specific geographic location, say a city or a region. Let’s take a look at the three simple methods that will make your business dominate the local search results.

Including complete location information:  An excellent way to let the search engines know where you are exactly located is by including the complete location information on your website, especially on the “About Us” and contact page. You can also optimise pages of your website by using key local terms such as the name of your city or region.

Your site’s metadata should also be optimised for local search by providing complete information on the meta description and including the name of your city on the title and keyword tags. Search engines may ignore the information on your metadata, but certain location-based services could find these information valuable.

Getting listed on local directories:  List your site on as many local directories as possible, but be sure to list it under the exact city or region and under the right category.  You also want to be sure to have your site listed on directories that have high PageRank (PR) and authority. Such directories are crawled more often by the search engine spiders. If the spiders find you on directories with significant PR and authority, you could get a more favourable ranking on the search results.

Taking advantage of Google Places:  If your business is not on the map, it does not exist. Consumers tend to contact right away the first business that they see on the map. Google may have already placed your business on the map, but claiming your listing on Google Places gives greater impact to your business.

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