Search Engine Optimisation and the submission of your business website to Directories will most likely remain your online marketing priorities in 2011.  Keyword research and a thorough understanding of your target market are also important as these will allow you to create effective content for your website, your blog and other online channels.  Effective content is critical to your online success.

The search engines actively seek out fresh and relevant content. Adding a blog, hosted on your website domain and posting good quality content to it frequently, is another way of adding fresh content on a regular basis.

Here are a few other things for you to consider:

Link Building Campaigns

Link building is still a crucial part of the ranking algorithms of the major search engines.  Good quality, relevant inbound links from other websites are important.  A well planned and managed link building campaign should also feature on your internet marketing ‘to do’ list.

Paid Search – Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Google reckon that as many as 20 – 30% of people doing a Google search will click on the first three adverts at the top of the page – these are generally ‘sponsored’ ads or PPC adverts. That information in itself should convince you that Google Adwords can get you more targeted traffic for your website and make you at least consider a trial campaign.

Google Places

Google has changed a lot of things in recent weeks, but the three most significant changes are the introduction of Google Instant, Google Preview, and the fact that Google is promoting Google Places listings much more visibly.  We have some clients who have achieved well over 100 visits to their website a week via their Google Places listings. It is also possible to post ‘news’  on your Google Places listing as well as offering visitors discount coupons which they can against the cost of your products and services. Google Places offers tremendous potential to your business and in our view you should devote as much attention to your Google Places listing as you would any other directory entry submission.  We will be offering dedicated Google Places services in the next few weeks, for more information please contact WSI IMS

Conversion Architecture

Using conversion architecture in your website design or at least in the design of your main landing pages will ensure that all the hard work you have put in to attractive visitors to your website will have been worthwhile by converting those web visitors into customers.

Reviews & Testimonials

Product and Company reviews can be found all over the internet.  It is important that the reviews that people find about you are positive.  More and more people are using the internet for product / company research prior to making a purchase.  It is important that you take the time and make the necessary investment to establish, build and retain your online credibility.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is here to stay.  If you have not yet done so, 2011 is definitely the year for you to ‘get social’ with your business.  Do you have a dedicated Facebook page for your business?  Do you make a point of asking your customers to ‘like’ you on Facebook?

Social media offers you a remarkable opportunity to keep in touch and ‘engage’ with your customers and your prospects.  A happy customer is without doubt one of your best ambassadors and can be one of your best salesmen.  Using social media you can encourage your customers to share their experience of dealing with your company and   influence the buying decisions of their own friends and social network contacts.

If you do not know how to get started with social media please contact WSI IMS and we will get you going.

Email Marketing

A regular targeted newsletter, be it monthly or quarterly, sent to your contact base is an excellent way to keep your name at the forefront of their minds, and it is another opportunity for you to establish your expertise and knowledge with your audience.

During the recent recession, it has become very clear that those companies with a good base of repeat business from existing customers have fared much better than those businesses who rely purely on new customer transactional business.  In times of financial challenge customers have more people to choose from and your margins have to be competitive.  Previously satisfied customers are less likely to shop around – they are also more likely to refer their friends to you.

We wish you a successful 2011 and look forward to working with you to help ensure that success.

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