First things first – if anyone makes any guarantees about being able to get you on page one of Google be very suspicious.   The truth is it is not possible to make such promises as none of us has the ability to predict what changes Google and the other search engines might make to their algorithm at any time.   If any SEO company makes you such a promise, walk away.

A professional SEO company such as WSI IMS will be better judged by the SEO results they are achieving for other client websites they are working on.  Ask any potential SEO provider to show you the results they have actually achieved. You must be able to trust them as you will be relying on them to take care of you and your website.

We give below a few pointers to help you make the right choice in selecting a partner to do your SEO work:

Digital Marketing

A key part of any good SEO strategy should also include the conversion rate of your website – how good is your website at converting website visitors into paying customers?  There is little point is hiring a search engine optimisation company to drive traffic to a website that is not fit for purpose.

In today’s market your website needs to be much more than a static brochure about your business on the internet.  It must actively generate leads and sales / enquiries and not just visitor traffic.  1 targeted visitor who is ready to buy from you is more worth than a 1000 random visitors who have no intention of buying your products or services.  

You need to consider how effective your SEO partner will be at helping you with all aspects of your internet presence including their understanding and experience of using conversion architecture to create new landing pages in the website to improve your bottom line results. 

What is their approach to SEO?

Ask them if they have a defined approach to SEO and what is included.  Are they going to undertake a comprehensive competitor analysis to evaluate what needs to be done to give your business the edge over your competitors or do they use a ‘one size fits all approach?

Your SEO provider should always be able to guide you through all the steps involved in planning and implementing your online strategy.


SEO is an ongoing process, not a one off event.  Your search engine ranking positions need to be regularly monitored. Your SEO consultant should provide you with a weekly or monthly ranking report and advise you what steps they will be taking to obtain the best results for your business.

Set a Realistic Budget

Be clear about what you want to achieve from your online strategy.  Define exactly what your objectives are.  Once you have set your objectives allocate a realistic budget for your digital marketing – before you start looking for a Search Engine Optimisation partner.  Let the SEO people you are talking to know what your budget is and ask them what they can deliver within that budget.  Compare what each SEO company is offering, and compare costs and benefits.  You can then decide who you trust to deliver the results that you are looking for.

References and Testimonials

Ask for references and testimonials and follow-up on these.  When you contact these references, ask them what their experience was like working with the SEO company.  Did they deliver on what they promised?  Were they good to work with?  Have they responded quickly to any questions?  Would they recommend this company to other people?

Your Search Engine Optimisation company should deliver more than just top search engine rankings.  They should deliver targeted prospects to your website who are likely to become customers for your business.

If you would like to learn more about choosing a search engine optimisation partner please leave a comment below or visit WSI IMS

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