In our last post we discussed why even new websites which look great can still fail to deliver for you.  In that post we mentioned the 3 key elements required for any business to achieve success on the internet.  Today we will consider search engine optimisation, but from a different angle – from a website developers point of view. 

If you are planning a web re-design in the near future make sure your web designer has considered the following issues:

  • Ask them to pay close attention to the website code. They should not just focus on what your site visitors will see, they should also take care over the coding ‘behind the scenes’ – the coding that the search engines see –  for example page title tags, page meta descriptions  and alt tags for your images.
  • Ask them not to ‘go overboard’ with the keywords.  In our view each page should only have one primary keyword and no more than two secondary keywords.  If you have more than that the search engines will be confused as to what the page is actually about!
  • Ask your web developer to make any text links ‘interesting’. Links are a core component of search engine optimisation and using meaningless phrases such as ‘click here’ is a lost opportunity for you. 

If your web designer is not an expert in search engine optimisation you should consider using experts such as WSI IMS to work with your web developer to make sure that your site has a good chance of attracting the targeted traffic you need to generate sales and enquiries.  A specialist digital marketing company will also be able to help you with link building and social media marketing, both of which will drive traffic to your new website and improve your organic search engine ranking.

If you would like more information about our Search Engine Optimisation services please leave a comment below or visit WSI IMS – WSI Internet Marketing Services for UK Businesses.

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