Google has recently launched a new e-book called “Zero Moment of Truth” which we are delighted to make available to you as a free ‘e-book’.

In this post we will give you an overview of what the book is about.

For the past six months or so, Jim Lecinski, Google’s US Managing Director of Sales & Service, has been exploring a new model for modern marketing. Its basis is an idea called the “Zero Moment of Truth” (ZMOT, “zee-MAHT”), the critical events which occur after your potential customer sees an advert, but before they commit to making the purchase.

We all have these “Zero Moments”, for example: when you look up a car’s specifications before deciding which model you want to buy, scan hotel reviews before booking a trip, skim read the first few pages of a book you are thinking of buying, or any of the many other ways that today’s information-empowered shoppers use the internet to research products and services before opening their cheque books.

How important is the Zero Moment, and what must marketers do to win it?

To answer these questions, Jim and his team looked at search query trends, talked to industry experts and conducted primary research across 12 categories and 5,000 shoppers…and they found that ZMOT is now the most critical moment in shopper’s decision making process.

Google shares with us everything they have learned about this critical buyer behaviour in their new eBook “Winning The Zero Moment of Truth”. Initial reaction to the eBook and early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive!

As well as presenting all the background knowledge and research around ZMOT, the book prescribes seven ways that marketers can win their own ZMOT’s. This marketing advice is coached in the words and voices of the industry experts. Here, for instance, is a short video introducing some of the folks who contributed to Chapter 1: Changing the Rulebook:

If this all sounds interesting, please download the free eBook here. iPad users can get an enhanced multimedia version from the iTunes store, and the Kindle edition is available at the Amazon store.

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  1. Gus Ferguson says:

    I think the important element of ZMOT theory comes from the fact that the past few years have seen the move of word of mouth marketing and its incredible influencing power from being a short-term offline influence to an archived digital medium.

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