With a seemingly ever expanding range of services being offered by Google we thought it might be interesting to see what keywords Google itself is dominating the search results with – for both organic SEO and Paid Search (PPC). 

The list below shows the keywords that Google has in first position in its own results.  For maximum impact , try to read just the blue keywords first:

SEO (Organic Search Results)

1.  Google Search – Search

2.  Google Docs – Documents, Document, Docs, Doc

3.  Webmaster Central – Webmasters, Webmaster

4.  Google Analytics – Analytic, Analytics

5.  Google Maps – Map, Maps

6.  Gooogle Images – Images, Image

7.  Google Finance – Finance

8.  Blogger – Blogs, Blog

9.  Google Translate – Translate, Translation

10. Google Videos – Videos, Video, Vid

11. Google Sites – Sites

12. Google Groups – Group, Groups

13. Google Alerts – Alerts, Alert

14. Google Earth – Earth

15. Google Code – Code

16. Google Labs – Lab, Labs

17. Google Desktop – Desktop, Desktop Download

18. Google Talk – Talk

19. Google Trends – Trends


1.  Local Business Centre – Business Directory, Local Business, Local Directory

2.  Google Translate – Translations

3.  Google Finance – Stocks, Stock Prices

4.  Google Videos – Videos

5.  YouTube – Videos

6.  Google Apps – Calendar, Calendars

As expected there are  high rankings for generic keywords but  interestingly they are  bidding on terms such as ‘business directory’, which seems a little surprising bearing in mind that not too long ago Google had a “witch hunt “against all directories.  It seems that now though, Google itself is interested in that market.

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