Google tells us that 87% of people who use the internet will use a search engine at least once each time they go online.  In the western world most business people use Google as their preferred search engine which is why we tend to focus our own SEO efforts on optimising clients’ websites to be highly ranked by Google.

There  are two key areas in organic search engine optimisation:

a)      On-Page Optimisation

b)      Off-Page optimisation

On-Page SEO relates to the structure and page content of your own website and includes not just the actual web page content but also the meta-data of the pages, particularly Page Titles and Page Descriptions.  It is also important to have defined page headers and sub-headings as well as ensuring that all your images have ‘alt-tags’ included.

Off-Page SEO factors relate to content about your products or services on external websites as well as links from other websites to yours.  Google views a link from one site to another as a ‘referral’ and currently the majority weighting of its ‘algorithm’ – the complex calculation it uses to determine where each web page will rank in its results display – is skewed towards ‘off-page’ factors.

External web content can be your own content of course, but published on external websites such as your business entries in business directory sites, and of course the content you publish on your own Social Media pages with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.

Another good source of ‘external content’ with links back to your own website is Articles / Blog PR sites – Google and the other major search engines like fresh, good quality content and will always display recent content before old dated content.  This is what makes Blogging such a powerful internet marketing tool.  You do however need to blog regularly – at least twice a week, on the same days and same time each week.  By doing this you can ‘train’ the search engine crawlers to come and index your new blog content within just a few minutes of it being published.

Off-page SEO is really all about content marketing and creating links back to your website from that content.

Content published on good quality relevant websites will always carry more ‘weight’ than links from irrelevant, low page ranked websites – indeed Google does not count irrelevant inbound links at all!

GB Web Marketing  can help Surrey, Sussex and Kent businesses with all aspects of your SEO campaign – both on-page and off-page.    For more information please leave a comment below or call 01293 822755

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