Most people today live life in the fast lane – they want and expect things quickly!  This can include fast food, drive in banking, drive in take-away restaurants – retailers seem to be doing all that they can to make life easier for people.  Your website / blog and other online content channels should offer the same convenience.

You need to spend some time thinking about creating an attention grabbing headline for your content.  Successful content marketing requires your content to back up the promise made by the headline otherwise your visitor will be lost, never to return.  Your headlines need to offer a ‘wiifm’ (what is in it for me) to your readers – why should they spend some of their valuable time reading your content?  What is the benefit to them?

Try and avoid boring or ‘waffly’ headlines. Your headlines should make a bold statement or ask pertinent questions that will draw in your audience and make them curious enough to read your article.

Provide excellent, fresh content

Nobody wants to read old news!  Most people want to read something that is both original and exciting.  This is why Gossip and Celebrity magazines sell so well.  People also like to read something that is controversial or gives an alternative to the mainstream view.  We should all try and include all or some of these things when we are writing new online content.  We all need to find something that will attract and retain our target audience and make them want to come back and read more.

Great quality, exciting content with exceptional headings will help you to build a good online following and this in turn will attract the targeted traffic you are looking for to your website or your blog.

Remember, the attention span of most people who use the internet is very short.  People do not read websites and blogs in the same way they would read a book or a magazine.  Your web articles need to be short, punchy and to the point. 

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