In today’s internet culture almost everyone who uses the web is sceptical.  The internet itself is quite an impersonal medium so it is critically important to build credibility, trust and to make sure people believe what your website tells them.  If your website does not appear to be professional or credible most likely potential buyers will leave in a matter of seconds because there are thousands of website out there offering your product or service. 

Overcoming a lack of trust and building your brand online is a key factor in your online success. 

Building trust using your website

There are a number of issues to consider:

Design: make sure your website has a clean design and that the content is useful to your customers and prospective customers.  Always check for broken links and mis-spellings.  Avoid confusing your visitors by complicating the navigation menus and try instead to keep the navigation, design and information clear, easy to find and relevant.  Take the time to research and understand what your target market wants to accomplish by visiting your website and ensure that you help them to achieve their goals. 

Content is King: Always provide good quality, relevant content on your website.  The content, services and products offered needs to be top notch as do the images and words used.  All content should always reflect the quality of the products and services that your business provides.  A key success factor is for you to show what great value your service and product is.

Assurance: your company must come across as being trustworthy and competent and your website has to reassure your visitors on this.  We recommend the inclusion of a privacy policy and a terms of use where possible.  If you are a member of one of the many “trust organisations” for your product or service place their logo on your website (with their permission of course).  If you are not already a member of  a trust organisation, consider joining one and adding their logo to your website.  We also recommend that each page of your website clearly displays your telephone number and address if appropriate as this gives visitors the reassurance that you are a genuine business.  If you are selling products and services online always include a returns policy as well as full details of any guarantees offered. 

Testimonials: People tend to trust third party endorsements about your products and services much more than they will believe what you are telling them yourself.  Positive, genuine customer testimonials that are specific and to the point are extremely powerful.  Audio and video testimonials by satisfied clients are the most powerful and should be included in your website if possible. 

Making your website credible and trustworthy will help you convert a visitor to your website into a customer.  Taking time to get the detail right will help you to succeed online.

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